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Diese Website beinhaltet informationen sowie aktuelle Wetterdaten aus dem Zürcher Oberland. Die Private Wetterstation befindet sich in Uster auf 458 M.ü.M. und ist seit 2017 in betrieb. Auf dieser Website finden Sie ebenfalls die aktuelle Version einiger Tools und Programme die ich anbiete sowie ein Blog zu interessanten Wettergeschehnissen und Web Coding.

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July 25, 2019

Installing OpenProject on a Virtual Server with Plesk

by Roman

I wanted to have a tool that allows me to manage multiple projects, tasks, deadlines and additionally also act as an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN). I came across the software OpenProject and was pleased to find that it had all the pre-requisites that I required. Also, it was possible to run it completely on my own … 

January 05, 2018

Another great Post

by Roman

Yet another post to test the index page of oberlandwetter

January 05, 2018

Storm Burglind

by Roman

Some interesting text on how Burglind came about, what its impacts were and most importantly how it pretty much destroyed the weather station in Unterengstringen. Rebuild of a new mast together with the web server!